As Entelechy’s hot-sale product, all in one solar power generator is well received in Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East, etc. It brings electricity to the remote areas that suffered from brownout, giving the best way to save the electricity cost in the city.

In order to ensure the product’s high quality and safety, our quality inspection team must test the generator before shipment to keep the product in perfect condition. The load test is one of the quality check processes, we can see the 5000w generator can easily run a fridge, fan, microwave oven, and 8 Light bulbs at the same time, it is totally over 2500w, and can meet the needs of a family.

The 5000w generator also has an excellent performance in the 4500w resisted load test, the AC output voltage is still normal, and other test items have no exception. This generator will be shipped to our customers all over the world after rigorously testing.

5000W Solar Power Generator