A complete set of simple solar power generation system installation process demonstration


Basic Architecture of Solar Power Generator using Photovoltaic

Basic composition of photovoltaic solar power system


A typical Solar Powered System consists of following components

A typical solar power generation system consists of the following parts


Solar Photovoltaic Panel(s)

1. Solar photovoltaic panels



Solar Charge Controller

(2, solar charge controller)

Power Inverter (from DC to AC 220v or 110v)

(3, power inverter (from DC to 220V or 110V AC))


Batteries (Single battery meeting the requirements or multiple batteries forming a battery bank)

4. Battery (single battery or multiple batteries that meet the requirements to form a battery pack)


Wiring (low resistance efficient wires for interconnecting the components)

5. Wiring (low resistance and high efficiency wires are used for component interconnection)

Ample and secure space for Solar Panels with maximum sunlight exposure.

6. The largest and fully safe light space of solar panels


Preferably rooftop.

Best roof

1. Solar Panels (solar panels)


2. Mounting Frame (mounting frame)


3. Charge Controller (Solar Charge Controller)


4. Battery (battery)


5. Inverter (inverter-change direct current DC into alternating current AC)


A Typical Solar powered System (typical solar power system)


SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC ARRAY (solar photovoltaic array)


CHARGE CONTROLLER (Solar Charge Controller)


INVERTER (inverter-change direct current DC into alternating current AC)


BATTERY BANK (battery bank)


Photovoltaic Panel (photovoltaic panel)


DC In (direct current into); AC Out (alternating current output); Inverter (inverter-change direct current into alternating current)


Home Electrical Box (Home Electrical Box)


Utility Meter (electric meter); Utility Grid (public grid)


The off-grid solar power generation system (the off-grid solar power generation system) means that the electricity generated by the photovoltaic power generation system is stored in the battery, and converted into AC power through the inverter for direct use by the power equipment, or directly supplied without inverter. DC power equipment uses electricity and is not connected to the grid.


The on-grid solar power generation system (the on-grid solar power generation system) means that the DC power generated by photovoltaics is transformed into AC power through an inverter, and then connected to the power grid through a boost or direct low-voltage side, and the power grid dispatches and uses the power.


See how the basic components for a simple DIY 12v solar set up are connected together.

Take a look at how a simple DIY12V solar basic module is installed and connected together.



A complete set of demonstration video of the installation process of simple solar power system ——


Solar powered shed (solar powered shed)


Part I: Testing all the components (Part I: Testing all components)


40W 12V Solar panel £58.00 (40W 12V solar photovoltaic panel) £58.00


Second hand caravan battery (free) (Second hand caravan battery (free))


30amp MPPT charge controller £33.29

(30 Amp “Maximum Power Point Tracking” MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar controller charger £33.29)


Car reversing light (X2) £16.80 (car reversing light (2) £16.80)


LED bulbs (X2) £6.99 (Light-emitting diode LED bulbs (2) £6.99)


Total £ 115.08 (Total £ 115.08)




1500w power inverter £26.99 (1500w power inverter £26.99)


12v 100amp circuit breaker £ 9.40 (12 volt 100 amp circuit breaker)


Total £36.39 (Total £36.39)




Since the video involves a less common direct current (DC) circuit breaker (breaker), the following pictures are specially added-

Corresponding examples of common circuit breakers

DC Circuit breaker (DC-direct current, circuit breaker); 1P (1 pole-single pole); 100A (100 amperes); DC 220V (direct current 220 volts)