How much is solar power for a general household? Do you know how much the latest solar generator is? How much are different models and power solar generators? The following is the knowledge of the price of solar generators.

Below are the prices of different products from small to large household solar generators

1. A full set of solar generator 220V outdoor lighting with a full set of solar power lamps without 220v output 

Price: 213$

Editor’s comment: This is a cheap solar generator, but it has simpler functions. It is generally used for household light bulbs, routers, chargers, fans, etc. Small power appliances can be used within 100w.

2. Gbet solar systemThe Wolfman portable integrated outdoor lighting 80 watt photovoltaic panel 65AH battery output 1000 watts

Price: 1280 $

Editor’s comment: This is an 80-watt photovoltaic panel that can output a voltage of 1000w. This machine can be used for mobile phones, TVs and other various household appliances.

3. Kangming multi-function mobile power solar photovoltaic power generation system 220V 918 [9000 mA]

Price: 389 $


Editor’s comment: This is a Kangming mobile power supply, but the capacity is only 9000mA, but it is still available for general home outdoor use. It can be used for short-term emergency lighting and charging. The key price is not expensive less than 400 Dollars.

4. solar power generation system 220v photovoltaic panel power generation board portable 1500W solar power generation system

Price: 2498 $

Editor’s comment: This is a Taihengli solar power system, the output is 600W, the power is still OK, 600W can be used for about 5-6 hours with a 100w TV.

5. Taihengli solar power generation system complete set of household 5000W lithium battery 220v photovoltaic power generation system

Price: 17,800 $


Editor’s comment: This solar generator has a relatively large power generation. The lithium battery has more capacity than the lead-acid battery. This is a 5000w lithium battery, which can be used for temporary electricity in mountains, islands or homes. All kinds of household appliances, especially high-power air conditioners, water heaters, etc., can basically be used for a long time, and they are definitely much better than those of hundreds of thousands.

6. Entelechy energy  household photovoltaic solar power generation 5000w220v power generation board complete set of off-grid generator 5000w inverter

Price: 85456 $

Editor’s comment: This is a high-power solar generator from Haicheng. It uses a 5KW inverter, which can be used for high-power electrical appliances. Like the above Taihengli, it is a 5kw solar generator, but the price is higher than Taihengli. It’s a lot more expensive, I don’t know the difference between these two models are 5kw solar generators.

The editor of the honeypot ant above has sorted out 6 solar generators of different power sizes for everyone. The price is a few hundred dollars cheaper and can be used for temporary solar generators for small electrical appliances. There are also 5000w high-power applications with a price of tens of thousands. For the high-power generators of air conditioners, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the common solar generators on the market. If you think this article is good, you may wish to share this article with your friends!